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› Modell: Race 3X2 Snap-on, 6-punkts bälte med Central Camlock och Dubbel T-bar style anti-sub strap
› Färg: Svart och grön
› Storlek: 3″ axelremmarna, 2″ höftremmarna.
› Tillverkare: Takata Racing Europe/Schroth Racing in Germany
› Standard: FIA homologering
› Per paket: 1 st

The RACE 3×2 is the premium harness for your competition vehicle. This 6 point harness is FIA approved with T-Bar sub-strap, 3″ shoulder belts, 2″ lap belts and the exclusive TAKATA aluminum multi-point release cam-lock buckle.

The lap belts come with pull-down adjusters (pull away from the cam-lock) and Snap-On brackets for mounting to an eyebolt. The sub-straps are mounted with Snap-On brackets as well. The Snap-On brackets on both the lap belt and sub-straps are wrapped in allowing you to properly set the lengths of the belts and/or to change to a Bolt-On configuration by purchasing an additional Bolt-On kit.

Shoulder belts come with a 3-bar adjuster for wrap mounting to a rollbar or harnessbar. Snap-On or Bolt-On brackets can be purchased separately if you prefer a snap or bolt mount for the shoulder belts.

Key Features
› Model: Race 3X2 snap-on, 6-point belt with Central Camlock and Dual T-bar style anti-sub strap
› Colour: Black and green
› Size: 3″ shoulder belt, 2″ lap belt.
› Manufacturer: Takata Racing Europe/Schroth Racing in Germany
› Standard: FIA homologated
› Per pack: 1 piece per package

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