Avgasbandage (titan)

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The Pro Shield Titanium Exhaust Wrap, Including 4 Stainless Steel Hose Clamps, is made from premium quality Titanium fibre material and woven into a tight multi-flex construction to be stronger than typical wraps. Titanium wrap offers much higher heat resistance (over 100% higher than typical glass fibre wraps) in an extremely tough woven construction.

Each roll comes complete with high quality marine grade stainless steel easy fit clip ties.

Withstands 1200 C direct heat! (1400 C Radiant!)
Insulating the exhaust pipework maintains gas temperature and increases gas flow rate.
Unique woven construction for minimal gaps, maximizing insulation effect.
Protects from burn injury through accidental contact with hot pipework.
Tough construction offers resistance from stone and debris damage.
Extremely flexible for easy install – will not shrink & no need to wet to install.
Great looking carbon-fibre style finish.
Comes complete with quality stainless steel easy fit clip-ties.

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